Plus Token Multi-Wallet QR Code Payment System

Contrary to the future promises of other providers, PLUS TOKEN already offers a functioning payment system for various crypto currencies.
Cryptocurrencies are transferred within seconds.

Anyone with a PLUS TOKEN account can already accept QR code payments with Plus Token or other crypto currencies. Changing to a conventional currency is possible at any time by the known Exchanger.

A payment system is more efficient the more users there are worldwide. Consequently, priority has a fast growth in the number of users. The optional use of the connected AI-Dog should be an incentive for as many people as possible to discover this ingenious, decentralized multi-crypto-wallet for themselves.
In our opinion, PLUS TOKEN has the potential to be listed as a payment provider by many well-known companies in the future.

In September 2018, PLUS TOKEN and Zhao Sheng, representative of the Silicon Valley Venture Fund, signed an investment agreement worth US $ 5 billion.

The PLUS TOKEN payment system via QR code, in combination with the decentralized exchanger, will trigger a worldwide boom.


Generate QR code for incoming payment

1.) After login click on "Profile".

2.) Call the payment function "Payment".

3.) Select deposits ("Collect").

4.) To select the crypto currency.

5.) Select crypto currency (here: Plus Token).

6.) To enter the amount.

7.) To select the currency.

8.) Selection of currency (here: USD).

9.) Enter amount (here: 235,5 USD) and click on "OK".
 IMPORTANT : Input value with point and NOT with comma !! *

10.) Request the QR code for the crypto deposit.

11.) QR code for deposit (here: 3.2952 Plus Token, equivalent to $ 235.5).

In this example, we generated the QR code for a $ 235.5 crypto deposit. It will be paid with 3.2952 Plus Token, which will be transferred from the sender's Plus Token wallet to the recipient's Plus Token wallet. Plus Token can easily be exchanged in BTC, XRP and EOS at any time.

Of course, all other crypto currencies in the PLUS TOKEN APP can also be used for the QR payment system.

Send QR code payment to recipient

1.) Selection of the payment function "Pay" in the payment area.

2.) Scan the QR code generated by the payee.

3.) Enter transaction password and confirm payment.
The amount to be paid will be transferred directly to the payee's PLUS TOKEN wallet.

*) Note for users with IOS operating system (Apple smartphones):
Depending on your phone's settings, there may be no decimal point on the keyboard that appears. In this case please write the desired amount with decimal point in e.g. a text file. Then copy the amount and paste it into the input field of Plus Token-APP. 

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