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On November 28, 2018, the opening ceremony of WBF STO Digital Currency Exchange took place in Singapore. As part of this event, the documents for strategic cooperation between WBF and Psto-Exchange (PsEx) were signed.

On 24.12.2018 the test operation of PlusToken STO Exchange started. Since the 29.01.2019 here crypto currencies and also the PlusToken (PLUS) are traded.

Users of the PlusToken Wallet APP can log in directly with their account name and login password at Psto-Exchange (PsEx).
Link to the website (desktop version):

If you want to trade crypto-currencies on the go, visit this website with your mobile phone. At the bottom of the page you will find a download link for the PlusToken STO Exchange mobile app.

Direct link to Exchange PLUS/BTC (in the top left select the language):


Users of PlusToken Wallet APP do not need to re-register with PsEx. You can log in directly with your account name and login password at Psto-Exchange (PsEx).

PlusToken (PLUS) can no longer be bought directly within the Wallet APP. A purchase of PlusToken is only possible in the PsEx. Winnings and bonuses will continue to be paid in PlusToken to the PlusToken wallet of the APP.

Currently, PlusToken can be swapped to Bitcoin (BTC) via the PsEx, and to Ethereum (ETH) within the Wallet APP.

Payouts from the Wallet can also be transferred directly to the PsEx.

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