Decentralized Mobile Crypto Wallet

Anyone can use the wallet passively and manage assets decentrally and thus anonymously and securely against hackers.
The use of the AI-Dog is not a must, but an option offered by PLUS TOKEN to generate passive bonus payments.

The mobile app can be downloaded for free for IOS and Android smartphones. The following crypto currencies can currently be managed: BitCoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, Doge, Bitcoin-Cash, Ripple, Dash and EOS.

If you want to keep your crypto-currency decentralized, secure and anonymous, you should definitely download the app. The wallet provides protection against regulation and hacker access.

The handling of the wallet is very simple:

IMPORTANT : Please do not currently use TenX, BitStamp, BitPanda, Coinmama and Wirex for deposits and withdrawals! Because of other standards, problems can occur! All other crypto platforms work perfectly!


Deposits on the PLUS TOKEN wallet

1.) After logging in, you will enter the wallet directly.

2.) Select the crypto currency to be deposited.

3.) Click on "turn in".

4.) Deposit address is displayed.

5.) Scan the QR code or copy the deposit address and then deposit to this address.

Note: Deposits must always be made in the chosen currency. A deposit of e.g. a BitCoin (BTC) account to the Ethereum (ETH) account is not possible.

Payouts to another wallet

1.) After logging in, you will enter the wallet directly.

2.) Select the crypto currency to be paid.

3.) Click on "roll out" (roll outal).

4.) Payout on an external Wallet / Exchange or PSEX from PlusToken

5.) Input mask for withdrawals.

6.) Enter the recipient address of the other wallet, the amount to transfer and the transaction password.
 IMPORTANT : Input value with point and NOT with comma !! *
Complete the transaction by clicking on "Submit".

In this example, 0.672 Ethereum (ETH) was transferred from your wallet to an ETH wallet with the address "0xcb2 ....".

Payout fees are paid in PlusToken. Therefore, at least 0.16 PlusToken must be left on the wallet.

Note: Payouts must always go to a wallet with the chosen currency. A payout of e.g. Ethereum (ETH) to a BitCoin (BTC) account is not possible.

Change of crypto currencies

1.) After logging in, you will enter the wallet directly.

2.) Select currency to change (here Plus Token).

3.) Click on "Exchange" (currency exchange).

4.) Input mask of the exchanger

5.) Selection of exchange crypto currency.

6.) Enter the number of Plus Token (PLUS) to be exchanged in Bitcoin (BTC). Enter the transaction password.

7.) Complete the transaction by clicking on "OK".

8.) New account balance is displayed.

9.) Wallet overview with new account balances.

In this example, 5.719 Plus Token (PLUS) were swapped to Bitcoin (BTC) (0.2% fees). The stock of Ethereum (ETH) has increased accordingly.
Bonus payments from the AI-Dog and Referral Program are paid daily in Plus Token. Plus Token can easily be exchanged in BTC, XRP and EOS at any time.

The fees for the exchange are paid in PlusToken. Therefore, at least 0.2% of the exchanged currency must be left on the wallet (in PlusToken).

*) Note for users with IOS operating system (Apple smartphones):
Depending on your phone's settings, there may be no decimal point on the keyboard that appears. In this case please write the desired amount with decimal point in e.g. a text file. Then copy the amount and paste it into the input field of Plus Token-APP. 

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