AI-Dog (Smart Dog)

Anyone can use the wallet passively to manage their assets remotely and thus securely against hackers and anonymously.

However, PLUS TOKEN claims to grow as quickly as possible to become the leading wallet, exchange and payment provider.
The offer: Users can transfer their crypto currencies (in whole or in part) to the integrated so-called "AI-Dog".

The use of the AI-Dog is not a must, but an option offered by PlusToken to generate passive bonus payments.
Arbitrage trading is the safest form of trading, as no losses are possible.

Currently, monthly bonuses of approximately 10% (approximately 0.33% per day) are paid on deposits in the AI-Dog.

The payout is made daily to the PlusToken wallet of active users. Within the Wallet your PlusToken can be changed at any time in BTC, XRP and EOS and these can then be paid out at any time.

To participate in arbitrage trading, a deposit of at least $ 500 in at least one crypto currency is required. The maximum amount of deposits in the AI Dog Robot is $ 50,000.
Deposits in the AI-Dog can be transferred back to the PlusToken Wallet AT ANY TIME. For a chargeback during the first 28 days, a one-time fee of 5% will be charged. Starting from the 29th day the fee is then 1%.
Similarly, an existing deposit in the AI-Dog can be increased at any time (for example, to use the interest-rate effect by reinvesting the bonus payments).

The handling of the AI-Dog is very simple:


Transfer of deposits to the AI-Dog

1.) After login click on "Profile".

2.) Then call the AI-Dog.

3.) Open the AI-Dog for the selected currency (here Bitcoin / BTC). To do this, slide the switch to the right.

4.) The input window for the amount opens.

5.) Enter amount in the selected crypto currency (here, for example, 0.06 BTC).
 IMPORTANT : Input value with point and NOT with comma !! *
Enter your transaction password and click on "OK".

6.) 0.06 BTC were transferred from Wallet to AI-Dog.

In this example, 0.06 BTC was transferred from your wallet to the AI-Dog. From this amount you will now receive bonus payments, which will be credited daily to your PlusToken wallet.
Note: The amount of the first transfer must be higher than the equivalent of $ 500.

Increase of existing deposits

1.) Open AI-Dog and click on the selected currency (here for example BitCoin / BTC).

2.) The input window for the amount to be increased opens.

3.) Here: An existing deposit of 0.0995 BTC should be increased by 0.5 BTC. There are then 0.5995 BTC in the AI-Dog-Robot.
 IMPORTANT : Input with decimal point and NOT with comma !! *
Then click on the "+" (plus).

4.) The input window for the transaction passwords opens.

5.) Enter transaction password and click on "OK".

In this example, the existing deposit of 0.0995 BTC has been increased by 0.5 BTC. 0.5 BTC have been transferred from the Wallet to the AI-Dog-Robot. You will now receive the bonus for 0.5995 BTC, which will be credited daily to your PlusToken wallet.

Transfer of deposits back to the wallet

Selection of the crypto-currency, which should be transferred from the AI-Dog back to the wallet (here BTC, for example). To do this, push the switch back to the left.

In this example, the existing BTC deposit will be transferred from AI-Dog back to the wallet. A retransmission can be done ANYTIME.
Note: The deposits should remain on the AI-Dog-Robot for at least 28 days. For a return transfer within the first 28 days, a 5% fee will be charged - from the 28th day a fee of 1% of the returned amount will be charged.
This consideration applies to every single deposit and every single increase in the deposit.

*) Note for users with IOS operating system (Apple smartphones):
Depending on your phone's settings, there may be no decimal point on the keyboard that appears. In this case please write the desired amount with decimal point in e.g. a text file. Then copy the amount and paste it into the input field of Plus Token-APP. 

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