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The mobile app can be downloaded for free for IOS and Android smartphones.
Anyone can use the wallet passively and manage assets decentrally and thus anonymously and securely against hackers.

The use of the AI-Dog-Robot is not a must, but an option offered by PLUS TOKEN to generate passive profits.

  • Download the PLUS TOKEN APP
  • Registration at PLUS TOKEN
  • Log in to PLUS TOKEN
  • Verification at PLUS TOKEN

Download the PLUS TOKEN APP
Download link


1.) Open the download link in the smartphone browser.
Download link

2.) Selection of the operating system

3.) Download is started

4.) Open the app after download

5.) Security, since the PLUS TOKEN APP is not in the APP Store

6.) Change the security settings for this APP

7.) Allow installation for this app

8.) Start the installation of the APP

9.) PLUS TOKEN APP is installed

10.) Installation is complete

For IOS operating systems: Install custom business apps.
The PlusToken app is a corporate / developer app and can not be downloaded from the Play Store yet. Before you can open these apps, you need to establish trust for them.
The first time you open the app, you will see a notification that the app's developer is not trusted. You can close this message, but the app will not open yet.

After closing the message, you can establish trust for the app developer. Tap Settings> General> Profiles or Profiles & Device Management. Under the heading "Business App" you will see a profile for the developer.
Under this heading, tap the developer profile name to establish trust for this developer. You will be asked to confirm your selection.
Once you trust this profile, you can open it immediately. This developer will be trusted until you use the "Delete app" button.

Registration at PLUS TOKEN
If you want to register, please enter the following number as referer (point 10):

Referer-ID: 15782248200

1.) Selection menu of the language

2.) Choose a language

3.) Selection for registration

4.) Tick ​​to accept the terms and the next step

5.) Click here to select the country code

6.) Select country and move to the next step

7.) Enter mobile number (without country code and without leading 0 !!) and then to the next step. The input value is also your account name for later login

8.) Move the symbol to the middle of the circle.

9.) Registration form has opened
10.) Complete the registration form and submit. Enter as Referer-ID the account name (mobile number) of your referrer (without country code and without leading 0 !!) and then to the next step

11.) There are 4 "words" displayed. Then write them down in the order shown (keep the note carefully !!) and move on to the next step

12.) Use the selection menu to select the 4 "words" in the correct order

13.) The 4 words must be seen in the display shown in the same order as under point 12)

14.) The "Private Key" is displayed and should be saved. You can now call the PLUS TOKEN APP.

You can now call the PLUS TOKEN APP.
The login takes place with your account name and your chosen login password.
For transactions, you then use the transaction password you have selected.
Your account name is the mobile number entered by you at registration (point 7) (without country code and without leading 0 !!).
For the above example, the account name would be: 987987654321


You want to use the APP from another location or device?
For this purpose, a security code is required in addition to the login data. Everyone can choose in which form this security code is generated (code via SMS or e-mail or with the Google 2FA Authenticator).
In order to receive a code, the telephone number and / or the e-mail address must be verified (preferably both).
Immediately after registering click on "Safe Settings" at "Settings". There then verify the telephone number and / or the e-mail address by clicking on "Get Code" (2FA is optional)! To use the Google 2FA Authenticator, a prior verification of the email address is required in any case.
The e-mail address can not be changed later!
If you also want to use the Google 2FA Authenticator: Be sure to back up the Google Security code!

With "Login Authentication settings" and "Presentation Verification Settings" can then be selected by which way the generation of the security code for login and transactions should take place.

Log in to PLUS TOKEN

1.) Call APP.

2.) Enter account name and password. Click on "Login".

3.) Move the symbol to the middle of the circle.

Verification at PLUS TOKEN
In order to make payments to an external wallet, you must verify yourself for legal reasons. The verification takes place with the help of an automated visual field recognition. In the field "Identification number" (point 6.) you have to enter your passport number or identity card number. The name entered here must be identical to the name in your identity document.

1.) After login click on "Profile".

2.) Selection of "Settings".

3.) Selection of verification ("Certification").

4.) Click on "Certification".

5.) Input mask for verification.

6.) Provide country code, name and number of ID card or passport (full name as stated in the ID document). Click on the white circle. Follow the instructions (turn the head, blink, open the mouth ...) and repeat if necessary. Only when the finished photo appears in the white circle, click on "Submit".

7.) Account is verified.

Your account name is also your Referer-ID for referrals.
If you recommend PLUS TOKEN, pass on your account name to the interested party so that they can then enter you as a referer. Registration is only possible with a valid Referer-ID.
For the reward system can thus take place an assignment to the referrers.

This website is available for free with your Referer-ID if you have previously registered here with PlusToken.

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You can also use this website if you are already registered:

Referer-ID : 15782248200

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