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Affiliate Program

Recommend PLUS TOKEN and get attractive bonuses!

Currently, profits of about 10% per month are paid out (about 0.33% per day). You will receive a bonus of up to 10 levels on the profits from the arbitrage trading of active partners in your downline.

Active partners are partners who additionally use the offered arbitrage trading. The requirement for the use of arbitrage trading is the deposit of at least $ 500 in at least one crypto currency.

You will receive the bonus payment as long as your partners remain active. The bonus is paid daily to your wallet and you can freely dispose of it at any time.
Prerequisite for participation in the PLUS TOKEN bonus program is that you yourself are also an active partner.

The number of levels from which you receive a bonus depends on the number of your own direct active partners.

Level 1
Level 2
2 own direct active partners
Level 3
3 own direct active partners
Level 4
4 own direct active partners
Level 5
5 own direct active partners
Level 6
6 own direct active partners
Level 7
7 own direct active partners
Level 8
8 own direct active partners
Level 9
9 own direct active partners
Level 10
10 own direct active partners

Yes, you read it right !
PLUS TOKEN pays a 95% bonus on direct partner winnings.

A direct partner wants to use arbitrage trading. For this he gives 0.5 BitCoin into the arbitrage trade of the bot (no risk, daily profit approx. 0.33%).
The annual profit is 0.5x365x0.0033 = 0.60225 BTC. At a BitCoin price of $ 6400, that's a $ 3854 annual gain.

The referrer receives as a bonus the nearly same amount on his wallet (daily payout) - and so long until the partner uses the amount otherwise.

Why is it so easy to recommend PLUS TOKEN?
  • It is only recommended to switch to another, secure wallet where additional profits can be realized.
  • No package sale, no investment, no orders and no promises of the future.
  • Simplest compensation plan with highly lucrative bonuses and daily payout.

How will the profits be realized by PLUS TOKEN?
  • Arbitrage trading
  • Fees from the QR code payment
  • Mining equipment
  • BTC machines (ATM)
  • Fees from the Exchanger

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